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SymboliCard Scale card - 960x768 pixel - 107369 byte

Using the card during the coaching session


During the coaching process, we use the Scale quite often. Most regularly it appears when the client is identifying their goals at the very initial phase. Here the coach is guiding the client to point out the coaching objective and try to measure in a 1 to 10 range, how close is the desired outcome at the moment.


The model:

To grasp a subjective measurement, we are using a Scale. The coach card can be easily used throughout the coaching session to express improvement and progress, and also to define trust and belief.

Identifying the desired goal, the client comes up with a general objective related to the subject. Moving along the SMART model, the coach helps to specify that goal by asking adequate questions.

Using the Scale, the development expert is there to support the client to determine what the two end points of the scale - 1 and 10 - mean to them. How they describe a person who is mastering the skill they are trying to develop and how do they see the lowest number on the Scale.
After that, the client has to mark the point on the Scale where they think they are at the moment judging their own skills. The coach then guides them to decide, what level on the Scale should serve as the desired outcome, also from the starting point, how long would it take to reach the next level.


Source: Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow, The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, second edition (2006)



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Cards supporting the development process

CIA model (control, influence, adapt circles)

SymboliCard CIA controll circles - 960x768 pixel - 123622 byte

With the help of the model the factors which can neither be changed or influenced by us can be identified. It is more sensible to focus on the aspects we can influence, where we have a chance to directly impact the situation.

GROW model

SymboliCard GROW model - 960x768 pixel - 110588 byte

The GROW model is one of the most popular and widely used tool in the personal/business development sector.
This model mainly focuses on problem solving and achieving the desired target, concentrating on the process of finding a solution.

Internal beliefs

SymboliCard Internal Beliefs  - 960x768 pixel - 133586 byte

When the client defines precisely the achievable goal, he should get conscious about the automatic thoughts which prevents him from changing. After that the automatic thoughts shall be converted into positive enabling thoughts.


SymboliCard SMART goal setting model - 960x768 pixel - 121986 byte

The acronym - SMART - helps determining the target. The smart objective is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

Solution Focused Therapy model

SymboliCard Solution Focused technique model - 960x768 pixel - 134043 byte

This esentially solution oriented model concentrates on the desired goal. How the client - guided by the development expert - should be able to visualize his objective; also how he should accouter by all the tools and components that will support them in reaching their target.


SymboliCard SWOT model - 960x768 pixel - 118523 byte

After setting the objective, the model supports the client to prepar a status analysis evaluating their internal resources, what can they expect from their surroundings, the supportive and withholding factors of reaching the desired goal.

The Miracle Question

SymboliCard Miracle question - 960x768 pixel - 113312 byte

This model is one of the tools of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy, which concentrates on the desired outcome, how the client, guided by the coach, can visualize the chosen target and also the required attitude and behavior to achieve that.

Traffic light

SymboliCard Traffic lights action planning model - 960x768 pixel - 116292 byte
This modell assists the client to pinpoint what should he continue, optimize and change -based on others' feedbacks and own self-knowledge- in his life in order to get closer to achieving his goals.

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